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Monday – Saturday: 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Sunday: 3:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.


"It is no secret that Connecticut is the home to some of the better pizza joints in the United States. In our state, Pepe’s and Modern Apizza get lots of credit for being “The Best.” And yes, they are both are excellent and no one in their right mind would turn down a slice from either. People still tend to forget about the place that sits right on the town line of Wilton and Norwalk, Letizia’s Pizza." Read More
— Andrew Dominick, Real Food Dudes

“Letizia’s is a tiny little spot on Main Avenue in Norwalk, and the pie they serve will make your tastebuds think everything else is from the frozen food aisle in your local supermarket. They’re the pizza equivalent of a band that hasn’t been discovered yet. They’re crushing it every night, while you’re sitting on Spotify listening to Nickelback.”
— Ken Tuccio, Host of Welcome To Connecticut podcast and 95.9 the Fox's First Thing Fairfield County morning show 

"Lucky the folks at Foxboro. Their condos are just a stone's throw from the Town Line (Norwalk/Wilton) Shopping Center on Route 7, home since 1991 to Letizia's, a household word in Norwalk since Uncle Joe turned out his first pie downtown in 1937. When those pizza pangs hit, Fox Run-ners can run down the hill and snag some of the best pizza in Connecticut. Now turned out by the third generation of the same family, 'Tizia's pie has a thin, but not too-thin, ungreasy crust that's pleasantly crunchy along the edges-a delicate foil for Margherita toppings. Many swear by the pepperoni, sausage, white and "garbage" pies. 'Tizia's is not a place to linger – five tables seem mainly for folks waiting for takeout – but it's a must-stop if you're in the hood, especially Sun. and Mon. 4-9, when large regulars fly out the door at $9 each."
— "Semper Pie", Connecticut Magazine, March 2006

Letizia's Pizza

"Your friends might look at you strangely when you suggest sharing the "garbage pizza," but anyone who's had this thin-crust pie – which comes loaded with meatballs, sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, peppers, and onions – has sung its praises."
— Food Critic Michael Stern, January 16, 2001

"Dating back to an old-time Italian restaurant that opened in Norwalk in the 1930s, Letizia is now run by a third generation of great cooks. The menu includes pastas with homemade marinara sauce, veal or chicken parmesan dinners of Homeric size, baked ziti and ravioli, salads, and grinders – and all of these things are good. But the one item on the menu that puts Letizia's in the Roadfood stratosphere is pizza. This is without doubt some of the best pizza in Connecticut – our highest possible praise, given the fact that Connecticut is home to the best pizza on earth.

Letizia's pizza is Neapolitan style, meaning thin-crusted, but not too thin. Around the edge, it rises in a crisp ring of dough thick enough to deliver a good, bready crunch; in the center, depending on the weight of the toppings, it ranges from firm to slippery-soft. The pizzaioli at Letizia's make this dough every day, then top it with a choice of ingredients that range from anchovies and broccoli to sausage and sliced tomatoes. Pizzas are brought from the kitchen on broad metal pans, along with small plates, if needed. What you will need, no doubt, is lots of napkins. This is not dainty pizza, and it cannot be eaten any way but messily! In particular, we are fond of the pepperoni pie generously topped with chewy, thin-cut discs, plenty of mozzarella and high-quality sauce, the clam casino pie made from clams, garlic, bacon, cheese, and onion, and the "garbage pie" heaped with a little bit of everything. There are "no cheese" pizzas, white pizzas (mozzarella, ricotta, and romano), and Hawaiian pizzas topped with ham and pineapple.

As for the place, Letizia's location is quite nondescript – in a small shopping center on a commercial strip – and the interior is just a simple room with a take-out counter and a few tables. The walls are decorated with New York sports team memorabilia and old photographs that show the history of Letizia's ' always a humble place, but always a beacon of excellence.

5 - Overall: Worth driving from anyplace 
— Michael Stern, "Eating Your Way Across America" &

"Connecticut has a storied pizza past, but while New Haven gets the attention, some of the best pies are found elsewhere.

"I wish I had some of that New Haven aura," says Dan Letizia from behind the counter of his restaurant in a Norwalk strip mall wedged in among Wal-Mart, Staples, and Starbucks. The physical aura of Letizia's Pizza, to the degree it has one, is that of a modest family-owned deli: walls decorated with heirloom photos of Uncle Joe (Dan's grandfather), mementos of the Brooklyn Dodgers (Dan's father's favorite team), and a collage of hockey trading cards faded blue from exposure to sunlight. "I put up the cards because the store looked like a hospital room when we moved in,' he says. 'I wanted people to have something to look at while they waited for their pizza.'"
Gourmet Magazine, Originally Published June 2006